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About Art to Finish Studio

Art classes for all ages!

With four years of teaching experience in the public school system, owner and instructor Claire Santellana designs meaningful, engaging lesson plans for all of the Art to Finish classes and programs! As the former Children's Director of the Victoria Art League and current art teacher at New Summit Charter School, Claire is able to share her love of teaching and formal training in education. 

Meet Our Instructors

Joshua Santellana Sr. (Mr. J.)

Mr. J specializes in character design and animation. Your student can design their own comic book or even create short animated clips! He has experience speaking with producers from reputable companies such as Nickelodeon and has been featured in several film festivals throughout North America including VTXIFF and the Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival.
"After our young son was diagnosed with cancer and relapsed a few years later, we realized that art is beneficial on so many levels and helped every member of our immediate family get through the treatment. Now, I enjoy helping others experience the joys art has to offer!"
                                            -Joshua Santellana Sr.

Claire Santellana

Claire Santellana has been teaching art to homeschoolers for over nine years. Her mentor, Ellie Poirrier, dedicated her professional career to serving homeschooled students and teaching them fine art. Claire has taught at various public schools, private schools, and art studios. After serving on the Arts in Medicine Board at MD Anderson for a year, Claire moved to Colorado Springs, CO and founded Art to Finish Studio LLC.  


"Some of my goals are to introduce formal art education in a fun way to children. By teaching a variety of classes, Art to Finish Studio allows all students to try new mediums in order to discover where their passions lie. I want to create a learning environment where our students want to learn and grow in the arts! "

                                               -Claire Santellana