Art to Finish Studio LLC

  • Art to Finish Studio LLC offers a wide variety of both online and in-person art lessons for all ages. 
  • Are you looking to perfect you skills in a specific medium (acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, charcoal, etc)? 
  • Need a customized lesson plan to go along with your curriculum (classical, common core, custom homeschool, secular, religious)? 
  • Do you want to schedule a fun event with an art lesson for entertainment?
  •  We have just what you are looking for! At Art to Finish
    Studio LLC, we believe art is for everyone. 

Contact us to discover what you can create!

Art Classes in Colorado Springs

Art to Finish Studio is Rampin’ up the calendar and adding new locations and events for 2020! 

Check our Calendar regularly for a location that suits you!

Summer Camps, Art Contests, Library programs, and more to be announced soon, so stay tuned and join our mailing list…we don’t want you to miss out!

Book an Art Birthday Party

Art to Finish Studio offers fully customized birthday parties at your home or can set up at any business location you choose (as long as you’re allowed of course). Whether your kiddo wants a sparkly unicorn painting party, an alien party, or a casual adult night without the kids with a customized art projected. We have your back.


My kids and I LOVE Claire’s summer art classes at Hobby Lobby every Monday! Claire introduces different projects every week using a variety of art media. She lets her students work at their own pace and with the media that that like best. But what we like best is her calm, patient way of relating with kids from age 7 to teenagers. Thank you, Claire! 2Claire Santellana and Lisa North Bridges Art to Finish Studio LLC LikeShow more reactions
~Lisl Budfuloski
My little one had an amazing birthday thanks to Claire Santellana! She loved her unicorn painting party and the best part was we could do it right here in our home. Definitely recommend Claire! My son used to hate art until he ended up in her class. Now he loves art and always wants to draw or paint.
~Kaye Shaw
Our daughter just finished up a fall class with Claire for the first time and absolutely LOVED it!! I was so impressed with what our daughter learned and how she was constantly encouraged to express her artistic side! We can’t wait to get her registered in another one!
~Elke Drayton